Peruvian Society of Intensive Care Medicine (SOPEMI)

The Peruvian Society of Intensive Medicine (“SOPEMI”) is a non-profit scientific medical entity that brings together health professionals, whose activity is related to Intensive Medicine.

SOPEMI was founded on June 8, 1988 and recognized in the Public Registry on March 16, 1993. It is also affiliated to the Pan American and Iberian Federation of Critical Medicine and Intensive Care (FEPIMCTI) and the World Federation Of Societies Of Intensive And Critical Care Medicine (WFSICCM).

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The purposes of SOPEMI are:

Group physicians of the specialty of intensive care and physicians working in critical care areas.
Promote and develop intensive medicine in the country, through knowledge, research, dissemination at national and international level, specialized technical teaching and other activities of health services, related to intensive care, throughout the national territory, promoting the necessary channels for its international projection.
Promote scientific and managerial development for the better functioning of services in critical areas.
Become a technical advisor for regulations, expert reports and technical reports related to intensive care medicine in the country.
Actively participate in the activities of promotion and recertification of the specialist in intensive medicine.
Promote and develop medical-scientific exchange at local, national and international level, as well as health information and education in the field of the specialty.
Contribute to the formulation, implementation and dissemination of Health Policies in the area of specialty.
Contribute through its activities to the better knowledge and dissemination of the Code of Ethics and Deontology and collaborate with the Medical College of Peru in monitoring compliance.
Propose the occupational profile of the field of the specialty and/or related specialty, as well as the labor competencies.
Develop diagnostic guidelines and medical treatments, according to the field of the recognized specialty.
Promote decentralized continuing medical education in the regions in coordination with the Medical College of Peru.
Promote the incorporation of all specialists registered in the Medical College of Peru in their respective Society.
Give a technical opinion on the conditions of the professional practice of the doctor in his specialty.
Ensure the quality of care of critically ill patients.
Organize and develop the subsidiaries and chapters composed of the members who cultivate the discipline of the same specialty.